DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation
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Globally Minded,
Industry Agnostic

Our specialisations lie in embedded software, AI, cloud and UI design – reducing our customers’ development cycles to bring product to market quickly, with high quality. We use Design Thinking to work with our customers from concept through to production with agile,  supporting with change management along the journey. Our teams are globally located, globally minded.

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation


Automotive, medical & industrial control systems. Safe and reliable on cost-effective silicon, optimised HMI for any application

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation

Embedded Electronics

We build electronics, software and cloud applications into your product. Adding value, enabling differentiation, taking your business to the next level

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation


Business can be great today, but unless your business models is fit, it’s at risk. With your knowledge and our expertise we can help you leapfrog into the digital age. Consulting services cover solution development, business model development, workflow-analysis and -automation, business development and supplier management

Example Applications

Some ideas of where we could help

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation


Modern production processes generate vasts amount of data. This data has huge value that is usually not realised. With decades of experience in generating value from data in Automotive we can help you mine the gold within

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation


Many businesses are extremely successful in their field of operation today, but their business models and products are at risk, often from smaller start-ups. With your knowledge and our expertise we can help you leapfrog into the digital age

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation

Embedded Electronics

Amongst our core competencies are embedded hardware & software. We help you optimise your existing device, selecting silicon and optimising code to improve cost, performance, safety and reliability or apply electronics to your analogue product or service, adding value, allowing you to differentiate in your market

Our Philosophy

Everyone’s journey is different

But the steps are mostly the same

We design and build connected, embedded systems.

Bringing new revenue streams

to your business

Embed your business

Your employees customers and partners walk around with a computer in their pockets many times more powerful than a Cray-2 supercomputer, state of the art in the mid-80s . Hooking into it can take your product, service or production process to the next level.  By building or harnessing existing embedded electronics and connecting to the cloud we provide you with that hook.

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation

Don’t break what works, build on it

Digital transformation doesn’t mean a break with the past. People are people. Good technology embeds itself in our lives without us even noticing. It is designed from the outset with the human experience in mind. So we start from the human journey. A user, customer, employee or manager; Their experience is the key to your solution’s success or failure



How do customers interact with your product or service? How your employees work in the processes they perform over and over again? The interface between man and machine is vital to ensure efficient and failure free processes. It’s not about pretty pictures. It’s about safety, security, turnover & the bottom line

Embedded Electronics

Embedded Electronics

Your product contains electronics? Maybe not? How much control do you have? What could you do if it were there? Production fully automated? What are you doing with the data? We help you answer these questions providing a route to maximise the potential of what you already have.

The Cloud

The Cloud

You create the services you need and only pay for what you need. This brings with it new challenges with respect to security, technology and system architecture where our experience is key. But in the end, it puts you in the driving seat to acquire and exploit technologies in a totally scalable way.

Transparency is free

We are always open for discussions.  This is our home and we love where we live. We’re happy to show you around and eager to learn about you.  Once we have identified and agreed on an attainable and measurable benefit we can bring to your business, we move on.

DTC Consulting for the Digital Transformation

Electronic Design

Turnkey Product Design

Chip Selection

PCB Design

Embedded Software

FPGA Design

SoC & SoM Design




Spring Framework ⊕ Spring Boot ⊕ Spring Cloud ⊕ Spring ⊕ WebFlux ⊕ Spring Data ⊕ MapStruct ⊕ Micrometer ⊕ EJB ⊕ JSP ⊕ Hibernate ⊕ JDO⊕ JDBC⊕ JPA ⊕ JSF ⊕ RichFaces ⊕ PrimeFaces ⊕ SEAM ⊕ Scala ⊕ Kotlin




IBM ⊕ Oracle ⊕ Microsoft SQL ⊕ PostgreSQL ⊕ MySQL ⊕ AWS DynamoDB ⊕ Azure Cosmos DB ⊕ Azure ⊕ MongoDB ⊕ Couchbase ⊕ Elasticsearch ⊕ Prometheus ⊕ Cassandra ⊕ Redis ⊕ MinIO

Big Data

Apache Hadoop family ⊕ Apache Spark ⊕ Hive ⊕  HBase ⊕ Apache Kafka ⊕ Azure HDInsight ⊕ AWS EMR

AI & Machine Learning

TensorFlow ⊕ Microsoft CNTK ⊕ Theano ⊕ Caffe ⊕ Keras ⊕ Torch ⊕ Spark MLlib

…and many more, please contact us for details

Strategic Consulting

Business Model Development

Supplier Management

Network Development


Interrim Management

Project Management


Human Resources

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